Chris Bourne - HBP Founder

I started in the health and fitness industry when I was 16 years old, working my way up from the bottom, then becoming a personal trainer. Throughout my years I have gained over 55 qualifications and years of experience working with equipment providers, training providers, professional athletes, people with medical problems, postural correction, weight loss, injury prevention and rehabilitation.


I have managed private and public sector gyms, small and large clubs, dual site health clubs and trouble-shooted. I have become a tutor, training other trainers including Pilates trainers.


My true passion is training people with medical and postural problems and a focus on injury prevention and rehabilitation. I am driven by wanting to help clients to achieve their goals, and with my experience and knowledge I can support, guide and help my clients. This is why I decided to create The Human Body Project so that I can create a 'whole body' approach to training.​​​