Chris Bourne - HBP Founder

Chris Bourne

I started in the health and fitness industry from the age of 16 years old, working my way up through the industry to General Manager level. Throughout my years I have gained over 55 qualifications and years of experience working with equipment providers, training providers, professional athletes, people with medical problems, postural correction, weight loss, injury prevention and rehabilitation.


I have managed private and public sector gyms, small and large clubs, dual site health clubs and trouble-shooting. I have worked as a tutor, training other trainers including Pilates trainers.

Iv specialised in intrinsic biomechanics - How your body moves internally, which help me to understand my clients body, movement and the underpinning course of injury.

Then I am able to put a plan together to help correct the bodies misalignment, with biomechanics exercises, dry needling, trigger pointing, postural correction and corrective exercises.


My true passion is training people with medical and postural problems and a focus on injury prevention and rehabilitation. I am driven by wanting to help clients to achieve their goals, and with my experience and knowledge I can support, guide and help my clients. This is why I decided to create The Human Body Project so that I can create a 'whole body' approach to training.​​​

Robin Gaylor


I have always been involved in sport and fitness since my early years and regularly weight train to both maintain good health and training for the sports I was participating. Following a motorcycle accident, this prevented me from a career in the armed forces. I endured a lengthy rehabilitation programme, to help me to improved my walking, stability and posture to achieve optimum body functioning.  From this experience was born my interest in Osteopathy and postural rehabilitation.

I went on to initially qualify as a personal trainer and from then qualified as an osteopath completing a Bachelor of Osteopathy Degree Course. I now have an in-depth understanding of the functional anatomy of the human body along with my experience of manual therapeutic techniques this has enabled me to have developed the skills to help clients recover from musculoskeletal dysfunction, improved posture & body functioning to enable them to continue training and enjoying their active lifestyles.